Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Workstation swap

The past few days I have had a headache. But I have actually done something which should help with production and pain around here.

I swapped the bead station to the sewing machine station and the sewing machine to the bead position.

It occurred to me that A- I get far to much pain in my shoulders trying to sew with the extension table, because even with my chair at the highest position, I was more or less having to move fabric around with my whole body, rather than hands and arms.

B- Because I have reading/sewing glasses which I use for beading, I was bending over to see the beads when I select them. And doing this for any length of time was causing my neck to hurt.

So, as above, the sewing machine is now at the right height to sew plus has the benefit of a slightly bigger space to the left and there is also the table at the back for extra support if need be.

And all the accoutrements which were accumulating for beading and embroidery had become very cluttered on the small table and drawer unit. Now there is plenty of room to organise them and still have an area at the front to bead at a reasonable level!

Um...possibly moving the drawer unit on my own was not such a great idea...thus the headache.

Still, I have now been able to get a good start on the sewing on wax paper project. I pull out the top drawer of the drawer unit and put a board over it. So, then I have something to keep the wax paper under control while I hand stitch.

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Maggi said...

I'm glad that you've found a way which works for you.