Tuesday, 22 December 2015


In the front garden

A Cyclamen...I love these. I have said so before, but I still do. These ones you get as pot plants aren't meant to be put outdoors, but I find they are quite happy.
Especially this year when we are not having winter yet.
We are meant to be getting sand from the Sahara this week though! It does this in the Spring/Summer, but I don't recall it happening in December.

Yesterday, my legs decided they had enough from the weekend. So, I read a book all day rather than try to get them to do anything else. I haven't done that for ages. And it was actually just the type I like. A charity shop find a few years ago that I had never read. Black Trillium And now I will have to find the sequels. Not so easy when it is an older book.

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