Saturday, 19 December 2015

Mince Pies at the Shops

Each Christmas, we get involved with what we have come to call "Mince Pies at the Shops". Several friends from the church gather at the shops to spread a little cheer with Christmas songs playing, balloons for children, and offer of mince pies a hot spiced fruit juice or some chocolate/sweets.
Balloons anyone?

We also invite them to our Candlelight Carol service which is tomorrow evening (20th December) this year.
Would you like a chocolate or a sweet?

I got a few photos of them as I went down to join them. This year I only helped out for the last hour. My legs were still not their best, but better than going for the whole morning.
Hang on to it so it doesn't fly away!

Most people were quite friendly and open. We got through 3 small tanks of helium for the balloons! (Actually, somehow Eric the Balloon Man managed to convince several older people to have a balloon!) I suppose because Christmas is still several days away, they weren't madly dashing for all the bits for the Christmas dinner.

A quiet moment looking out for the next family with kiddies

It was a bit windy, but not a bitter wind. More because of the position I think, the wind goes down that row of shops like a wind tunnel. But also this year we were prepared with pegs and paperweights, etc!

Happy Christmas at Birch Hill Shops!

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