Friday, 11 December 2015

more peyote

This sample I have started is called even count peyote.

The instructions I followed were to make a little tassel to attach to scissors...or you can keep going and make something longer. At the moment, I am going to go with making it longer because I am still getting stuck now and then.
Probably something to do with making patterns to begin with rather than solid colours!

This little box of beads I have had for a very long time. The red, white and green never seemed to want to be a part of anything. I did use most of another similar box - the ones you can see in there with stripes that are close together. But for them, the red worked in some instances when I wanted green and orange.

So, now the rest get their call up.

By the way, the misshapen beads, I have been using for 'tension beads' which you take off after you have finished so you can weave the thread tail in. At the start, they are good for having something to hang onto. The circle I did yesterday worked so well with the tension bead left in, that I wove the finishing tail through to catch it into the centre even firmer.

I love that curly bead, but haven't worked out a way to use it yet, because you can't get a needle through it.

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