Sunday, 6 December 2015

And the bead keeps going on...29-30Nov and 1-5Dec

Week 49 - November/December 2015



I had cut the little fabric strips at the beginning of the year, trying to make sure to cut enough for the whole year.
And now, with them completed, I had one left over! So, here is an extra one with gold lined beads.

All the November Beads

---------Plan for December
I bought some interesting shaped lined beads from Bead Merchant at the Knitting and Stitching show.
They have a bit of a glow about them. I thought it would make a good end of the year to come up with a project for them.
I quite liked the 'tassel' shape I did for October. I have also been puzzling away at an idea to do branch like bits sticking out, rather than the loops I did for October.

So, here is the plan. Not all of the beads along the top of the photo are the 'glowing' ones but they fit the brief.
I will use the three metallic ones at the bottom and cycle through the ones at the top. Plus crystal beads to pull it all off. So, green metallic accent for 10 days, blue metallic accent for 10 days and the coppery/pink metallic accent for the last 3 days. And add the trial tassel in this photo and you have 31!






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