Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wardrobe - Trumpet skirt

Today's piece of the wardrobe is an off-white gabardine trumpet skirt with a faced waist finish.
Trumpet skirts fit to the hip and flare out from there, but the flare is integral to the pattern piece, rather than being added to the sides. The resulting pattern piece looks like...a trumpet bell!

I used a variegated white and black embroidery thread to topstitch at the waist and at the hem. This gives continuity for the black knit top. I am debating a topstitched motif or geometric shape, but will ponder that a while longer.

I like a faced waist treatment for skirts like these because I am short waisted. With an interfaced facing in the top, it still gives the support to the skirt that you would get with a waistband, but doesn't take up any more space.

Thanks for the feedback on the lacy jacket! Good ideas. I finished my article tonight, so perhaps I can get some more sewing done. Hopefully I can get photos of these garments whilst modelling them!

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365 Dresses said...

A perfect summer skirt. You are certainly productive this week. Inspiringly so!