Monday, 27 April 2015

Fabric Pyrography!

So, some of what was keeping me occupied the last few weeks was writing a series of guest posts for the 'Fire Blog'. Or to give it the official name ...And Then We Set It On Fire!

The topic I wrote about was Fabric Pyrography, a posh name for the work I do making marks on fabric with a soldering iron. You can begin the guest posts here. It starts with a bit of background for Pyrography - which is usually using marks made on wood using a wood burning tool.

Just a reminder of one of my recent bits of Fabric Pyrography

Today I have been sorting beads. The other week I came into the lounge to find the table next to my chair tipped over. The plant and the ceramic poppy from the Tower of London were crashed into the radiator cover, but not hurt. However, all my carefully selected and piled containers for one of my beaded bangles had gone everywhere.
All mixed up...though some had been trapped on this book which has a fur-like texture on the zebra.
Actually, the colours and shapes here are very interesting...
the original reason I took the photo.

So, now they have been sorted back. Some people like 'bead soup' mixtures. but I really like to have a very good idea of how many I have so I don't run out mid project.
I often work on some bead thing whilst watching a cooking show with my husband. So, now I am limiting the amount!

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