Monday, 20 April 2015

Funny Sunny House take 2

I have been trying to get used to a new medication. At first it really caused me to be very weary. So, basically I have been keeping going, but on very slow speed. and too tired to post anything here.

Any how. I seem to have got to a place where I am working better.

Last week I found out that Funny Sunny House had not arrived to the person collecting.
Somehow I had been given a wrong address - though others who used that address had their work arrive. So, when I heard from them, I was glad it was being tracked. It went to Texas, but the postal service there said it could not be delivered because of the address. So, it came back to England via Chicago O'Hare airport! and supposedly arrived in Bracknell on the 13th of April.

And there is where the mystery continues. No one in Bracknell seems to know where it is!

The collected pieces for SAQA were to be taken to the SAQA conference to be auctioned off. My friend here in the UK offered to take the work to the conference when it was delivered to me. But, as it never showed up and time was running out for sending it to her, I have made a new one. Tomorrow it will go into the post.
Same fabrics. Subtle differences. This will be matted for display for the Spotlight Auction at the SAQA conference.

Yes, I am quite gutted that my work is lost. I do hope it eventually is found. But I do think this one is better. I had a print out of the first one to go by so I was able to change some of the things I wasn't happy about. I hope it gets value for the ordeal at the auction!

Now I am working my way through some of the other things I got behind with. I have some things nearly ready for photos to blog post.


365 Dresses said...

Oh, no! What a worry. I'm sure it will show up, although dealing with post offices is rarely a fun thing to do. Sometimes, I just go back and get a different clerk, and voila! there's my package. I like your "funny sunny house."

Maggi said...

Both are lovely and I'm sure that the first one will turn up eventually. In the meantime I will wait patiently to put number 2 in my suitcase.