Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tree of life - 2

More work on the stylised Tree of Life.

This type of work is more concentrated on one line of stitch gone over in different ways, so I think if this one does turn out okay, I might use 2 layers for any future open thread tracing. There is a tendency for the fabric to pull away or the stitching to get pulled or pushed into the bobbin area.

Now finished, I have pinned it to the foam core board.

Usually I wash out the water soluble first and then block. But I am concerned this will just go all floppy and get tangled. I will trim the excess away (should have thought of that earlier!) and then will run water over the board in the sink.

Then it will be a tense moment while I wait to see if the tree can be used in one piece. I tried to attach branches a bit at the ends to keep it from all turning to a dried up Daucus carota or Wild Carrot/Queen Anne's Lace at the end. Well, that could be an option if it does!

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