Friday, 15 August 2014

The Heat and The Flame

I thought you might like to see what the completed gown looked like being modelled in the show. The models were students, so went a bit fast. I set the camera on sport and even then some of the photos were blurred because of their speed!
I have cropped her feet off because for some reason she was barefoot! Yet other times wore shoes made to fall over in. Still, better than me being up there.

I just realised they probably chose her because of the ginger hair!

I will show you some more of the gowns on another day when I get the photos processed.


Celia said...

Looks great, shoes or no shoes!

karen said...

I am barefoot most of the time....can't bear shoes, slippers, socks....beautiful dress sandy and a parcel??? Exciting!

365 Dresses said...

Sandy, it is smashing! Oh, my! I love the colors and the styling. It must be absolutely exquisite in person.