Monday, 18 August 2014


Something I haven't seen for a while...

Table tops!

I washed fabric that wanted washing before making things from it. and filled bags to donate to charity and I also sorted the pile of random things at the back of the table...well most of it. And even some under some of the tables.
This table set up was meant to be useful for cutting lengths of cloth, but I have mostly been using the space of just the large cutting mat across the table, with piles and bits encroaching. But that's what happens when I have one project after another for months on end.

So, now I have cutting tools, a folder with the patterns I aim to use, and the little flod of white cloth where I photograph my daily beads. (oh and the money box needing dealt with this week, so I am keeping it in plain sight to remember.)

This clearing is in preparation for starting fresh and getting in a couple weeks of using stashed fabrics to fill in gaps in the wardrobe (getting rid of what is in there that doesn't work) and making a head start on gifts. at the moment - from 16 August to 15 September - there is a One Pattern Many Looks contest on Pattern Review. So, I am aiming for a variety of blouses from my TNT (Tried and True)blouse pattern. And then for the whole of September there is a Fabric Stash contest. With the two overlapping, I am using new fabrics for the blouses up to the 1st of September. Then using stashed fabrics (usually the rules say over 6 months) for other blouses. and then the last 2 weeks of September I aim to make up some gifts and clothing for Ethiopia.

Once this is accomplished, or a fair bit of it, I can begin some of the next textile art pieces I have in mind. Working on something else that doesn't take me a lot of unique design development will give my head a chance to think through the ideas for those up-coming projects.

Sooo, tomorrow I hope to begin cutting, after ironing some of the washed fabrics today.
Oh yeah, Did you notice? I am not as tired as last week! So I better go to bed and keep it that way.

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