Tuesday, 19 August 2014

First cut

This is an embroidered white on white fabric I got last year when we went to Goldhawk Road.

I need a white blouse most of all to go with the many pattern skirts I have. So this will be my starting pattern. The subsequent blouses for the On Pattern Many Looks contest will be based on this pattern.

I wanted to get a photo of the starting pattern pieces to act as a line drawing for the contest, since mine is self drafted and many of the others are choosing a published pattern as their starting place.

Pieces include the back and side back, side front and front princess style bodice. Collar and stand for collar. Long Sleeve and cuff. Separate button stand.

I have enough left of the fabric to make a skirt. No, not to wear with this blouse! but because I also need a 'plain' white summer skirt. I will probably line this with cotton if I make a skirt to give it a bit more heft. But I might do something a little more interesting with it. For now it is hanging on my cupboard door so I can consider it and so it will not be creased when I go to make up the skirt in September.

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