Tuesday, 26 August 2014

May Journal Quilt

Yes I realise it isn't May. I am catching up on the Journal Quilts. The last few months have been very busy with making work, so I am hoping to catch up with these this week.

I am still trying to make British related pieces which will eventually go to my son. The first one I did this size for the CQ quilt Rule Britannia for the Celebrating Diversity exhibition at the Quilt Museum, was Cricket Wicket.
You may recall the Guild made cards of this one as well as my phone box. If you are interested, you can purchase them from the Guild Quilt Museum shop. The money goes to support the Quilt Museum.

Anyway, I had in mind to do a few more of the British Sports. The journal quilts this year are 8inx8in. The Rule Britannia pieces were 20cmx20cm, which is near enough the same thing.

This is what I have been putting together for Rugby.

Doesn't take long if you actually get down to doing it! I just need to layer, stitch and bind it.
I do hope I got it right...it has to be 'Rugby Union' you know, not 'Rugby League'. (Insert rolling eyes here!) I am thinking of wee white buttons for the play positions, but I will see what it looks like stitched first.

If I can get the other 3 done this week, I can carry on doing the Journal Quilts with the rest. If not, I will still carry on, just not 'officially',

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