Saturday, 23 August 2014

Building up the stash... it needs it?

Found some bargains when I was at Festival of Quilts.
Much wiser to sell the beads in the small packs for 50p because then you can buy more of a wide range of colours and the total is still reasonable. And yes this was on my list, but just a few of these colours, thinking I would have to purchase large packs. I would have done a small pack of that one off size 11 pearl coloured beads but they were out.

And then these...
Because I had an exhibitor badge on and it was before the show opened for the day, I was offered an extra pack along with the deal they already had signs for. Cool! Should keep me going for a while. I do use buttons from packs like these for blouses, but I also want to work out a plan for using them some  way in the daily project.

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Judith said...

Great stash building with this colourful assortment ~ mind you, the fast rate you work they won't last long ... J