Saturday, 22 June 2013

Something on Saturday - Sandown

Yesterday I went to the quilt show at Sandown.
Here are a couple of the pieces I liked very much.

Child's Dress by Jackie Harvey

Crowning Glory by Lillian Harris

Hadrian's Bag by Glyn Molyneux
'Off Duty Centurian's Day Bag'

And Ferret's awesome work using her technique of small pieces of fabric for the wolf, the reflection is her thread painting. I didn't remember the title.

I had a dreadful headache which had started to go when I left here, but then I sat in several long tail backs so by the time I got there I hadn't much time and not much of a brain!

I wanted to get some more of the script fabric I have used for the Ramshackle series. But no luck. However, it means I am finding ways to develop the work further. So I managed to find some fabrics which might make a good replacement...and not at full whack prices either! I can't believe the cost of quilting fabric now!

Plus I met a lady just getting into Art Quilting but not aware of the variety of shows and groups she could connect with. She isn't too far from Bracknell, so she may be able to come to the TVCT meetings.

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