Sunday, 9 June 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 3-9 June

2013 - Week 23 Daily Beads

I mentioned last week I am beading onto washers this month. I intended to use locking washers, but had only been able to develop the ones with the points inward.

I took a bit more time on Monday and worked out a better plan for the ones which point outward. The companion to the one I tried,(pointing in) was also difficult, so it may have been the bead size.

Here are the 2 trial ones which worked (I showed the first one last week)

So, now I have matching pairs to go with no. 152

I had run out of the metallic greeny-blue beads from a blend of beads by this point, so tried these other green ones. Of course this is very close up, at a distance they look more like they match.

and 153 from last week.

and now for this week




using some multi-coloured metallic beads for the next few. They look one colour but when they roll around they look a completely different colour. I usually like to select the same colour, so I thought using these combined with a single colour bead would be a good way of using them up. - I used silver with them for 155. So went back to it for the rest of the week. With pink, then purple, then bronze and then copper.





and it worked! I only have 3 misshapen beads left from the multi-coloured ones.


Linda M said...

These are so cool, I never would have thought to bead washers.

Sandy said...

Thanks Linda. I think you could bead on anything! LOL Or anything ;-)could be a bead if it had a hole.