Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ramshackle House

I thought I was finished with Ramshackle House. I bound it Monday night. But I wasn't happy with the puffy look. (So I posted the stripe post yesterday instead.)

I am using a new wadding and I don't like it. It seems flat, but it gives more loft than my previous one. and of course, I only buy them King or Queen size and keep cutting out the little bits and pieces from the whole. I am tempted to buy another of what I had before...if I could remember what it was. sigh. I think cotton. This must be a blend. I bought it quite a while ago when I thought I was nearly running out.

Anyway. this was before extra quilting - photos taken at different times of the day.
daytime photo

and this is after.
night time photo

And yes it means I quilted onto the overlap of the binding in back. Oh well. maybe I will colour the cream thread brown at the back. and then save this for some situation where the back won't particularly matter.

So, the quilting was all I got done yesterday because I got one of those eye migraines and had to go to bed. no, actually, I sandwiched Ramshackle Hill before I gave up.

If the brain works, I will quilt Ramshackle Hill today... and leave it a bit to see if it wants more before binding it. It has smaller pieces, so there will be more quilting round those. It might be enough.

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