Friday, 14 June 2013

Ramshackle Hill finished

I was given some fabric a bit similar to the fabric in the first Ramshackle piece. I thought I would try a different type of composition.

and again, I have learned some things from this which will be helpful for the pieces I am making for CQ Horizons at FOQ and also my Contemporary Entry in the judged competition.

I am linking this to Off the Wall Friday at Nina-Marie's.

If you want to see the other Ramshackle piece I finished this week, click on the label under the post that says Ramshackle and you can see the different ones in the series.


Linda M said...

I really like your ramshackle pieces.

Sandy said...

Thanks Linda,
I am enjoying exploring them...all the more so because they are actually a development of some sketches in my sketchbook a couple years ago - and my sketchbook is a rarely used thing!

Cathy Perlmutter said...

Very unusual, effective, and sweet!

talksilkpainting said...

I love this whole series. I LOVE the linear effect on fabric, and your lines are so expressive. How is it that you are creating this effect on fabric? Are you really cutting away all the black drawing lines? That seems too intricate... or are you also painting? It's lovely, however you are creating the effect! I'd love to know more details!

Sandy said...

yep, cutting away the drawing lines! It is a bit like a jigsaw. Cut it apart and put it back together.