Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Observation and experimentation

So, I have been a bit quiet because I was preparing for last night's teaching session when I was observed. Having learned from last year that starting people off with drafting on the night you are observed is NOT a Good Idea, I planned something alot more fun.
Here is a glimpse of how these evenings go...keep in mind this was all in a 2 1/2 hour session. Thankfully the head of the leisure course department who was observing (and who is also the C+G Internal Verifier) only stayed for about an hour or so.

So, the first years spent some time sorting through a big pile of different types of threads from my stash. They found several types they were unsure about and learned about thread sizes and what they are used for.

In the meanwhile, I set the second year students to explore some surface design textures. One of the girls really likes bling, so several of the techniques involved shiny and other terms that went with that.
The first thing was to paint some fusible web which we would be able to fuse to fabric later. I had got some cheap hemming web - 2 rolls for a pound. I told them about other types, but this was suitable for having a go.

Back to 1st years and the next step was to sort through a pile of packs of various types of needles. They were very impressed with wing needles and twin needles. We looked at the types of needles needed for the different types of thread.

While they sorted I went back to the 2nd years and showed them how to use fusible to do foiling.

Then I set the 1st years off in groups to set up machines to try stitching with a variety of threads and needles.

We had metallic thread with metallic needles,
embroidery thread with embroidery needles, and thick linen thread with a size 100 or 120 needle. They rotated round to the other machines to get a sample of stitching there.

next the year 2 ladies tried out angelina fibres and different things you can do with it.

A quick check on the year 1 group to sort out some interfacing to back the work to stabilise the stitches.
embroidery thread sample

and then back to year 2 where we fused the painted bondaweb.

Extras...some year 1 students started to try twin needle, but the one college machine which had an extra spool holder didn't seem to want to stitch with a twin needle. We tried a few things, but I will have to try when things are less fraught.
also the year 2 ladies had a go with puffy paint, which is now drying and we will see how it puffs next week.

Results from year 2 experiments

But I think they did alright. I was quite suprised I managed to get through everything!

However, today I took the rare occassion to chill in front of the telly with catch up TV!

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Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Sandra - you have whetted my appetite to try some of these fabric manipulation techniques for textured fabrics - especially the cooling rack one. Very timely! Especially as I have finished the last of my major craft sales for the year and am about to enter my own "creative time" making work to send out to shows......I'm going to be having some FUN!

Thanks again!!