Friday, 19 November 2010

Fiery Dragon story

I finally got a chance to think of the story for the fiery dragon.
Here is a detail shot and then the story.

Out of the Crimson sky the Fiery Dragon comes, twisting and turning and shooting flame. Many fear him and yet in him beats the heart of a Protector.

While the Fiery Dragon is often the first type of dragon which comes to mind, and the knowledge shared about him has become legend; in reality, the truth is well hidden. Many through the ages have reported the fierce nature of the fiery dragon, but these are many whose intentions were perhaps less than honourable.

The fiery dragon, when set to protect a place of significance or a treasure beyond value, fulfills his role with great furosity. Those who approach for the wrong reasons should expect the resulting flames and fierceness!

I would suggest that the tale would be far different if told by those who have met these dragons out of pure motive, by those who are in need of sustinance or by those who seek protection themselves. Indeed the report of these noble hearted few show the Fiery Dragon to be an ally of considerable worth.

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