Wednesday, 10 November 2010

teaching etc

Lately, with larger classes, I rarely get a chance to take photos of what they are doing.
Here is my demo bit for teaching ideas for using water soluble fabrics. This was the topic for this evening. Not too inspiring, but it was just thrown together a bit to show how to do it.
Sometimes it is called Confetti fabric.

Here are some other places to see the type of work that can be done or to find tutorials and projects.
Here is a link to a group of artists. Some of their work involves the use of water soluble fabric.

Projects and Tutorials

Linda Matthews open lace effects and using decorative stitches

Creating free-form lace, machine openwork and thread-painted motifs onto fabric. Sue Bleiweiss

Confetti fabric with silk roving Heather?

Free-form Embroidery Project- By Liz Kettle from Quilting Arts

The techniques involved are covered in many books on machine embroidery. One book which thoroughly covers the topic is Stitch, Dissolve, Distort by Maggie Grey and Val Campbell-Harding.

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