Friday, 22 June 2018

Thankful on Friday instead.

Lots going on right now. It might seem odd, but some days it is a bit too much to add to coping levels for the day by turning on the computer.

Anyway, I like that the new physio I have been referred to, who is meant to help me with leg pain and mobility, looks to be prepared to really help and not just want me to 'manage the pain'.
and that going to hospital means I could pick up some more books in the bookshop and going to the library means even more!

I like I have had some time to work on some clothes for me. One I cut out is an eyelet lace, which will have white underlining.
I love the thatched cottage we stayed in when we were in Dorset on holiday the other week.
Our bit is on the right. The left side is where the owner of our self-catering cottage lived.
The whole street had houses with climbing roses up and over the door.

I really liked that it was amazingly sunny and warm enough to read at any number of spots in the garden there.
and that there were signs which said I should be there.

I love that Dorset has a Dragon drinking water.
I like castle ruins and finding out the story about them.
Corfe Castle ruins
The wheels worked really well, but I didn't go up to the castle. Normally that would be one of the first things I would do. But, this time I decided to listen to reports from the Thoughtful Man and his dog.
hot and tired
This was at a cafe in a little courtyard. Every time we walked past the entrance on our way here or there, Holly decided we should go down there. Even though there was no real reward for her. We did eat there 3 days and saw the model village there on one day. We called it Holly's dinner place.

More holiday photos on another day.

Also, during these past few weeks...
 I very much like that my Fly Me to the Moon piece 'Moonlight Groovin' has been used in publicity for that gallery by the organisers of the Festival of Quilts.
and that my Ramshackle Suburbs will be part of the Fine Art Quilts Masters.
and that it is still a bit of a secret because they only used the detail photo for the publicity. People have to go to the gallery to actually see the whole of it...unless they follow my blog. But still, a little photo on a blog and standing in front of a piece nearly 2metres by 1.10 metres, two very different experiences.

Check out more likes from the others taking part...links on LeeAnna's blog.


LA Paylor said...

cool stuff! Congrats on the publicity! Holly is so adorable, and I found it's just easier to let the dog pick the restaurant or sidewalk or bench, etc. That cottage is inviting, I want to go there! I'm now going to read about the castle one of my obsessions!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Congrats on having your quilt chosen for the publicity and I do love your Ramshackle Suburbs...neat!
Sounds like the three of you enjoyed your vacation.