Sunday, 17 June 2018

Bead on 10-16 June

week 24 - 2018

bead on fabric
With my walker, I managed several days on holiday with much more walking than I had done before. So, I am trying to continue. Going out with Holly for about 30 min around the houses...but not down or up hill at this point. (Holly is still trying to work out just where we are going, as it isn't her regular route. And how to go fast enough to keep me from running over her lead or hitting her backside, yet slow enough that I can get up and down curbs safely.
Anyway, I wanted to keep track of this...sort of an incentive to continue.  Little purple bead at the top of the square following the day's bead stack.

Is this too much stuff? well, although I am 'filling' the fabric with a 'random' pattern, I am also recording things for this year. So, that is the true goal.
Taking Saturday's off, for the most part, because it is already busy.
Next week I will be turning the corner for the next row.

Having completed the length - 40 cm - I started up one side with little black beads.
and now that is finished and I have begun going up the other side.

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