Thursday, 7 June 2018

I like Thankful Thursday

I like being on holiday with Mr. Thoughtful and Holly the dog.
But you will have to wait to next week for those photos!

However, you know I like showing you the growing things.

The plant that looked like this a few weeks ago...
Looks like this now...
Compare the chives you can see beneath the plant to get a better understanding of the size.

You see what I mean about the leaves staying the same, but being larger. I think that is amazing! Ok, yes, other leaves do that, too! But the fact that these are such an interesting shape and grows proportionally (I think that is the word.) to still retain all the shaping on the edge is a wonderful thing.
I still don't know what it is called.😄

Next to that around the corner is the red climbing rose. First year it is really blooming.

Then there are the first clematis growing in the jungley bit under the apple tree

So, I like indoor plants, too. Although, I don't do well at remembering to water them unless they are right in my face!

At the moment, my son's lemon tree is a bit sad. Well, more than that. There are one or two leaves and one green lemon. So, it has been put outside to see what the summer can do for it. (He should have taken it to uni.)
When I was at the shop the other day, I saw a coffee plant. Oh! Lovely surprise. so, I have picked that up for a replacement.
I know I can grow these because I had one that got very big quite a few years back.

Also, I had a thought about a day or so before going down to the shop, about wanting to have a Tradescantia pallid plant again. (Sometimes called Wandering Jew).
Lo and behold, they had some!
and so one came home with me.😄

One more new thing I like very much.

wheels! My legs have got to the place where I am not steady - or I feel I am not steady. A couple weeks ago, I went on a walk with some of our friends. One friend has MS. So, she was pushed round in a wheel chair. I asked if I could try out her walker/scooter. It was great! Somehow I walk differently so that my hip and foot don't hurt so much. Ok Still tired, but not hurting badly is a good thing!
Then Last week, a delivery. I had a suspicion when a dining room chair came to live in our bedroom and there was a clear space next to the dog's toy bed.
Mr. Thoughtful had bought one for me! I chose blue because my friend's is red and then we don't get them mixed up.
So, imagine me actually being able to go on small walks with Mr. Thoughtful and Holly on my holiday.
This is a very glad thing!😍


Michele McLaughlin said...

My best friend is getting that kind of walker for her Mom too. I hope it keeps you mobile! I love your garden photos! Have a wonderful day!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sandy,
Mr. Thoughtful is a real keeper. I am so glad you have the walker/scooter. Anything to let you have no hip and foot pain is a great thing, AND to be able to go on small walks is just the gravy. Plus, if you get tired you have a place to sit right there with you, anytime! That first plant has grown a LOT in just a few weeks, and that climbing red rose - oh so beautiful. Enjoy your holiday - I look forward to next week's pictures.
~smile~ Roseanne

Sally Hurley said...

Walking is good! I'm glad you can keep going. The roses are such a pretty color.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Mr. Thoughtful is the best kind of thoughtful I think. What a marvelous idea to have that rig for taking walks with comfort and safety. I enjoyed reading your plant update very much.

LA Paylor said...

I love how grateful you are for the wheels!!! It's really gratitude for freedom to be out and about with less pain isn't it? And the new gadget is blue, a glorious blue too. Yea!!
The flowers are thriving. When You were talking about the growth pattern I kept thinking that's like humans... just sort of stretching out as they grow. Not more arms or legs like some plants.
Or poodles, yep, just stretching out as they grown.
I looked at a lemon tree this week and thought our new home may have enough sun for one, and how pleasant it would be to have a large tree inside. LeeAnna said...

Great plants. Make sure your walker is adjusted correctly for your height. I didn't know anything about it until caring for the Ancient Ones and the PT came and adjusted their walkers to suit them. They walked better.