Sunday, 10 June 2018

Bead on 3-9 June

week 23 - 2018

bead on fabric

on holiday this week, so I wanted to mark it in a way that would be obvious when you look at the whole at the end of the year.

no trim this week

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Olga Norris said...

First, congratulations on being in the Fine Art shortlist at FoQ this year.

Second, I noticed that you were asking what one of your plants is - it's a macleaya cordata - commonly known as a plume poppy. They are glorious plants, but be careful of the stems. They 'bleed' a yellow fuid which can stain, and which can irritate. The flowers are lovely - a plume of them, pink-ish - and the leaves glorious with silvery backs. I really love ours.