Monday, 19 June 2017

The 70,273 Project

I have been working on other projects, but now that most are no longer at their hardest stage, I have taken time to work on another item for the The 70,273 Project.

They have reached the 1/4 point of numbers of people commemorated. And now they have a couple other ways to reach the goal. 'Middlings' - which are fat quarter size 18"x 22", and some called 'Long Skinny' - 15" x as long as you like.

So, I thought I would take all my offcuts of white, that came from cutting the blocks, and try to fit them together to make up a Middling. You can add as many pairs of red x's as you like, as long as you can tell they are a pair.
And here is the finished top. Sorry for the fuzzy photo. It is too hot to retake now!
Now to sandwich it and quilt it on the machine.

I overlapped pieces and stitched them together with the raw edges exposed. For me this says something about pieces/people that would normally be considered of no use.
some of the stitches along the seams are pretty close together, but when I quilt them, I will do a circle round them to set each pair of x's apart.
I will get a good photo when I get it done.

And I realised I never put the last of the photos up for the ones I sent off to Jeanne! So, sometime this week...

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