Monday, 5 June 2017

Garden makeover

On the Bank Holiday weekend, we had a bit of garden makeover neighbourhood going on.
A few house away to the back of us have been beavering away at something in their back garden for a while and still are.

Mr Thoughtful had planned to turn our little veg patch to grass - it has been a veg patch for nearly 25 years, so needs to be fallow for a bit anyway. he had the first part of it worked in the first stages.
Then Mr. Next Door started turning over the whole of his back garden for a better lawn. When we came home from church on Sunday, he was unloading the turf. Well, lots of turf! Someone he knows was doing their garden and that person's neighbour had said he would do it as well. BUT, when all the turf came he decided not. Okay. So, the man had loads of turf he was trying to find homes for. Our neighbour got his bountiful lot for a Very Good deal. And then as it was more than he needed, was getting people he knew to take some.

So, anyway, he gave Mr. Thoughtful quite a bit. So, he spent Monday digging over even more than the garden patch. and getting it ready for the laying grass stage.
And then on Tuesday he took the day off and laid the grass.
A week on and it is actually quite green looking. It does look strange to see grass and not a patch of ground.
And in the front... this past weekend, one of the neighbours across the path has chopped down a very over grown Rhododendron. So, as I say, it has been a garden makeover week or so!

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