Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Beading the dragon

So, I have finally got the bulk of the beading done on the dragon gown. Because the fabric is heavy, and I draped the gown on the stand, I was not getting the fabric to lay right for the zip.

So, with the beads holding the folds, I could at last pin the zip pretty much where it wanted to go. (I am doing an exposed zip).

And then trim away the extra fabric.

Next, turn under the edge and stitch it down using more beads.
Yes, I could have stitched with machine, but I didn't want the extra line showing. and also, because of the awkwardness of layers, I need the flexibility that hand stitching the zip will give. Some of the folds have 4 or more layers if the underneath part of a fold below extends up past it.

When the zip is properly in, I will sort out the bottom of the seam. It may/probably get a godet, which is why I haven't trimmed away the extra there until I work out what I want to do.

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