Thursday, 1 June 2017

Forms and Parcels

This week has been a filling forms week. Sometimes it takes all day to take photos and do an entry. Or to get things parcelled and off in the post.

However, though I can't show everything, I will show you a collection of work I sent off for the 70,273 Project. The TVCT group did 86 blocks! Over half were done in January at the meeting, but the rest were done by people and their friends at home during the months til May. Well done!

Margaret Jackson near Durham is going to piece them and quilt them with her group.
Jeanne sent this message:
TVCT: I know y'all won't meet for a while, but when you do, promise you'll tell the members how very grateful I am for their participation and for commemorating 86 people so beautifully and mindfully.

And now I have committed to making a 'Long Skinny' 15in wide x as long as I like (which should be about 2metres). I have sent on my entry forms for the Festival of Quilts. 2 entries already complete. And since I have time on my hands (not) I thought I better do something to spark the interest of all the quilters at the Festival of Quilts. Better get stitching then! (as well as beads on a dragon gown, beads on the Other Bead Project, and 3 pieces for possible entrance into a book which I have to keep mum about for now!)

Oh dear. Would someone tie my hands down when the next cool thing comes along?

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