Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Tuesday the 21st March, I had a workshop at Lady Sew and Sew.
We were doing the Build a Fabric technique. (Check the tab above with a detailed tutorial.)

There were only 2 in the class, so I had time to take a few photos. It was interesting to see how different colour choices developed.

We started with a 'sample'. Taking a few steps so they could get the idea without being too precious about larger bits of fabric. Then one lady continued with those colours while the other lady started with others.

Sue - excellent eye for making contrast fabrics work.

Shaaron - using analogous colours and aiming for some built fabrics to develop a dragon!

What we discovered:
1.Using very thin fabrics at a later stage has a risk of the extra heat burning the fabric.
2.Fabrics with metallic are not so great for adhering, even though they look good. (We were using bondaweb/wonder under.)
3.Colours can really change depending on the background or colours they are next to.
4.They can also look different in different directions when you use something like satin.

If you have a go at this, let me know! Send me some photos to see what you have come up with.

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