Wednesday, 12 April 2017

the other bead project - 4

I went to my friend's exhibition today, but forgot the camera. Oh well.
But you can get a glimpse of things if you go to their Facebook page. Creative Xpressions

This is how the marks made of beads have progressed on the dress.
Week 15
While the dummy was at my exhibition at Lady Sew and Sew, I stitched without checking the direction. So, I will need to centre the 'point' at the bottom at some time.
I have come to the end of that type of black bead. So now that March is over, 1/3 of the way through, I have begun to stitch at the back to get some balance in the weight. The front is very heavy at the moment.
I haven't showed the back before. It will be laced, probably by shortening the dress and making ties from that, but I will figure that out when the time come. I wanted more fit options should the dress ever be modelled.

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Marissa said...

Beautiful just beautiful!!!