Monday, 3 April 2017

Ramshackle Sold!

One of the catching up things after taking time off from the blog is telling you about one of the Ramshackle Variations that sold. As you may recall, I was making small pieces to sell during my exhibition. However, when it came to it, there wasn't a good situation for displaying the pieces and arranging for them to be sold at different price points per size.

BUT, when I mentioned about selling, one of my online friends asked if she could please buy one.
And so for her, It isn't just a 'variation' but has it's own name: Ramshackle: Tall House.

Being so excited about it all, I forgot to get a photo before sending it! So, after it arrived, she took the above photo for me.

Dear friend, Thanks for the encouragement your purchase gave me! Very Big Hugs.

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