Saturday, 22 April 2017

a bit more on the gown

I have been taking photos of processes as I go along, but have had a bad head for a couple days, so didn't get anything posted. (*oh! and then this didn't get posted either!)

Anyway...I tacked the zip in, trying to think where it would be if I wanted the waterfall section to be on the outside so it could line any potential waterfall of the main fabric. (keeping in mind that the outside of the lining draped - right side - would then be the inside.)

oh. well, the waterfall bits are now on the inside. You can tell when it is zipped.

OK. untack zip, untack the centre back fold.

Turn and press fold and pin zip in place.

zip inside

zip outside

good. Next step, begin to drape main fabric.

*I started draping the main fabric yesterday - not a bad head, but still fragile. Today I have been at a conference in London. So, I will tell you more on Monday. and hurrah I didn't have a bad head!

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