Monday, 20 February 2017


I needed to send a sample of the Build a Fabric technique to Lady Sew and Sew to have on display in the shop.
The only one I had I could send, I can't find. So, maybe it didn't get back from the Needlework Archive?
City Scape

Well, that one was made from the outer trimmings of the Collared Dragon. I still have trimmings left, so I had a look.
I like finding animals/people in clouds and other random shapes. And I often find I can go from a trimming to make something - even clothes. In these trimmings I could see animal-like shapes. So, I started cutting them out.
Okay. I just need one sample, but already I can see I can do a series. And the word zoomorphic kept running through my head.
So, I settled on this one.
And so far have got the bird and the "pelephant"* stitched down. Now to sandwich and quilt it and send it off.

*pelephant = pointy nose elephant

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