Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I had the pieces cut for the tan/beige based fabric I am going to use for alternate months.
When I started to make up the bead for the 1st of Feb, I realised I didn't want to do it just like the ones on the grey base. Even though they are much smaller, I wanted them different. I decided to fold them with a join in the middle and not to put any beads on the back.

So, first trial

too busy

second trial

still a bit busy

And this will do.

I think they will make lovely little treasures to stitch onto something.
I have done a very detailed photo. These are actually around 1.5cm square-ish. The others were around 2cm x 1.8 or so. (very precise!)

I wanted some cream beads in the mix. I started with blue as I still have blue out from January and December. It meant a few hours of sorting could be used for something else! but I will cycle through the main colours of the colour wheel as before.

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