Friday, 10 February 2017

Ramshackle Variations

I have started making small Ramshackle pieces which might perhaps sell during my exhibition. I will make a few different sizes -  like 6 in sq., 8 in sq., and 10 in. sq. I will help use up some smaller bits of fabric.

These have been fused and are ready for the stitching. The fabric was left from cutting a 12 in. sq. from a fat quarter. It doesn't leave much which is useful for anything else.

Even if they don't sell, they will make good samples for my workshop to show the way you can use the 'accessories' (trees, windows, shrubs, etc.) to make a difference.
And then, they can be Christmas presents! 😃

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365 Dresses said...


I'd like to buy one, please! My preference is for top left or bottom left. How much, how can I pay you? I don't need it until after the exhibition....