Friday, 18 September 2015

Redoing a Ramshackle piece

A while ago I tried out an idea from my sketchbook for a ramshackle tower.

I was not very happy with it, compounded by the fact I hadn't enough of the brown fabric layer to do a dark binding like I normally do. and only just enough to cobble together enough of the print fabric to make a binding with a flat piping of the brown.
And then all that kerfuffle meant I ran out of time for any major quilting, so I just went round all the edges of things.

So, the piece went off to a competition, and of course didn't rate too highly there. So, it has been 'in the naughty corner' hanging behind something that did work and something that I am part done with but is still in the 'thinking about it before I commit fully' stage.

And now a call for entry has come up called Structures. The size they want is the exact size this is!

In the meantime, I came across the in-progress photos I took at the time and realised this stage was a good one.
I haven't done a night time version of a Ramshackled!

So, the past several days I have been unpicking.

and unpicking and so on.
I am glad I didn't have more quilting to unpick. My eyes have gone a bit fuzzy trying to see the small machine stitches!

I finally have it back to that point and am looking at it while I consider whether it wants a few more arms or something.
I will have to work out the chimneys and the wind/clouds, too. But if it is going to be night time maybe crayons will come into it for darkening the front garden and tree a bit.

Watch this space.


Margaret Cooter said...

Maybe one or two lit windows??

Maggi said...

Very effective and I agree with Margaret about lights in some windows.