Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ramshackle redo progress

I mentioned the other day that I am redoing a Ramshackled piece.

I have added a few more arms. Up and down pinning and checking placement.

Now I need to add windows to the arms. and a trunk for the floating tree!

Margaret Cooter made a suggestion the other day about the windows. I didn't want to start implying the actual people living inside. I am trying to have the houses in the Ramshackle series be the ones with the character. But I did realise the windows were a bit too big and open.

So, I have added shade-like bits at the tops of the windows, which I think fills the need that was lacking. The additions are all still held in place by pins, so when you have a look, keep that in mind.

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365 Dresses said...

The shades add so much! Amazing how the simplest things....So is the quote from "An Old Fashioned Girl" new on your blog? Or have I missed it for all these years. That's a great book! My memory of reading it is so clear.