Friday, 25 September 2015

More on the Ramshackle Tower

So, I was thinking, that since the tower is now in darkness, that the ground should be a bit darker. So, why not try the crayon trick that worked for the bigger piece?

Do you realise that it is Very hard to find a Very Dark brown crayon? Or at least the ones I can find are all a bit red. Except raw umber.
So I tried it out. not too bad, though on this piece it seems a bit green.

And I carried on and did the big bush and the tree. and wished I hadn't because it is too much like colouring in. I can make this work. But this has answered the question about using colours.
The windows are cut in the extra arms.

Now I am trying to find the right brown which is not reddish and which will make a go-between for the dark brown background and the raw umber colouring! and of which I have enough for binding. and not ordering any online in case money is spent on 'not quite right'.

I may do a test to see what happens when I take the iron to the coloured in bits.(with paper over it to soak up the wax) Just in case I can knock back the greenish brown.

Re-engineering something you already did is not the 'funnest' thing in the world.

But I am on pause til next week because I am giving a talk to a group tomorrow.

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