Wednesday, 10 June 2015

the bead project for this month

The story behind the bead project for this month is trying out stitching onto little elastic bands in a similar way as I have done on 0 rings and curtain rings.

Several years ago I saw one of Celia Darbyshire's projects where she did a buttonhole stitch (I think) onto an elastic band...she was looking at and embroidering things you might find in a drawer. This stuck in my mind.

So, fast forward to seeing the colourful little elastics that children are making bracelets from. (Actually, I just found that link and it is fascinating...including some stats about the beginning of elastic or rubber bands.) So, I thought that might be a do-able beginning. I think the sheer amount compared to cost might have also had something to do with it.

First I found some green and white ones. Then I thought I would like some blue and white ones. and then I got wise and found a multi-colour pack.

Range of colours in the pack.

Here is the trial with a length of thread on the table.

and if you saw Sunday's delayed post, you saw how these are shaping up. Interestingly different because they are a floppy compared to the o rings and curtain rings. But also not such a worry if you are trying to get an even number of the first row because you can give it a little stretch and can fit one more in...or stop just short of the full ring at an even number and give it a little stretch to more evenly distribute the beads already on there.

Okay, the main worry coming now is the endurance capability of these elastics. I think I better prepare myself for these to eventually harden and crumble!

Oh, and any ideas for the green and white/blue and white elastics I bought? Or even for the multitude of multi-coloured ones left in this pack? At the moment I am using about 3 of each colour.

Not a great money layout, but far be it from me to use them for the actual purpose!
big grin!

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