Saturday, 20 June 2015


So, now that I chopped out the pieces of the pattern and the mull together, I am ready to cut out the fashion fabric.

In this photo, I have the pattern pieces which will be of this lilac coloured fabric and I have arranged them for being conservative with the fabric.

I have also cut the rest of the pieces from the embroidered sea-green coloured fabric.

And so it is time for sampling.

And here I found that the mull on it's own was not sturdy enough to support the fashion fabric to do my planned zigzag edge on the fabric pieces.
And also the mull being a somewhat loose weave, leaves whiskers on the edges! Especially on the embroidered fabric which isn't as sturdy as the lilac one.

So, I am being very thankful that I have plenty of this taffeta fabric I used for the lining. So, I tried using it at the back of the little sample sandwich. (Fashion fabric, mull and taffeta) and this also brought the realisation that in some cases the back of these pieces may be seen, and thus the lining fabric is a good plan. So, more cutting is called for.*

As for the thread sampling...
I showed all the different threads I was contemplating. And then when the chosen one wasn't really doing the job, I looked over and saw these wonderful threads!

They are metallics from Sulky. But they glisten in pastel colours instead of your normal metallics.

And there were a few that were just right.

So, the chosen top thread has become the bobbin thread. That way, if the back side of the pieces is seen, it will still be lovely!

Bobbin thread - Sugar and spice from Thread Studio

And yes, I realise at this point that I could do away with the mull altogether. But, oh well. I am being stubborn about it because I took all the time to cut it out!

*Please imagine me doing all this cutting with a shoulder that is shrieking pain for some reason. The hypersensitive nerves seem to say the shoulder is dislocated from the neck. (This is called Fibromyalgia doing its thing.) Even if it is not dislocated and will probably be fine next week, it still is very painful!

Oh yeah. It is very hard to use your non-dominant hand for stuff like this!

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Maggi said...

The colours of the fabrics and the threads are so beautiful. I'm so sorry that you've been suffering so much. I hope that you get some relief from the pain soon.