Thursday, 18 June 2015


not Mull of Kintyre type mull, but mull as in fabric.

I wanted an interlayer to support what I am going to do with the chopped bits I referred to when I talked about the pattern. Thinking and looking in the cupboard of possibilities. (Not the actual name of that cupboard, but I like the idea!) I didn't want it to take over the structure or take away the drapability. Okay this doesn't seem to be a word, but I mean the draping capability!

And then I remembered a roll of fabric my sister-in-law gave me when she moved. She had meant it for curtain lining.
A bargain at £1.59 per metre. Yet 35 metres worth is still a bit of money!

So, this is mull.
But if you got it from Ikea, it is bomull. Which apparently is the Swedish term for cotton mull.

And now the interlayer is cut and ready for chopping.


Maggi said...

Great find. Why did your sister-in-law buy 35 metres??

Sandy said...

She was going to use it for curtain lining.

But I have all sorts of ideas to use it for!