Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Getting it together

Stopping for lunch for an update for the impatient amongst you! The comments made me laugh. You are as anxious to see this as I am! Glad to know there is interest. I get anxious to see if the plan I have in my head will come out as I hoped.

So, the next worry was about stitching the patches together. But compounded by the concern about keeping them in order!

So, the order of the whole gown.

And column by column I am laying them out and ticking them off.

The numbering of pieces at the start, before chopping the pattern, has paid off.
Joining patches together.
There are very small issues now and then with the embroidered patches matching up. I think that because the fabric is not as firmly woven as the lilac fabric, it may have stretched a bit. But I have found that it is pretty easy to ease in any small differences.

I started with the centre back because I had decided to cut them on the fold. I am glad, because it gives a sort of solidity to the movement of the patchiness.

I am doing 'columns' first, because when sewing a garment with princess lines, you would have the 'columns' or panels which you would join together. So, with the horizontals joined first, there is more control. SO, the vertical seams will be more likely to retain the vertical lines without wandering.

And back to work!

At this point I am mentally deliberating about the title...

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Linda M said...

This is so much fun to see how you are putting it together.