Friday, 13 March 2015

JQ 2015 - Cypress 5 and some fitting

Other things going on lately. Also, I am not sure about the backgrounds for these trees.

Here is the thinking...
-I want to work on this free machining on water soluble, looking at a different tree for each one.
-I don't really want to get bogged down trying to create the 'perfect' background. For instance, the type of terrain in which you would find such a tree.
-I may consider putting them all together at the end.

So, with those thoughts in mind, here are some possibilities.

The same background for each or 2 backgrounds but alternating for each.

And here are 2 fabrics I am looking at.

The tree is just laid on the fabric folded up to approximate size.

I am leaning toward the plaid because not all of the trees will be of colours that would go with the stripe as well as this tree does.

So, while I have been considering this, I have been altering A Certain Young Man's shirts. He does weight training and so now has to buy shirts in a larger size...which of course are designed for the larger man to have a beer belly or a few spare tyres including the lower back. Whereas A Certain Young Man has a six pack, but a slim lower back. I guess you'd think swimmer's shoulders and torso. So there are wadges of fabric to tuck in, especially in the back.
Of course each shirt was designed different, so they needed different solutions. I think I have managed to do them to suit his high standards. But no photos. He wasn't too keen on the idea of back darts. (sometimes called fisheye or double-ended darts) But I showed him how the fabric would hang from his shoulders and that if you took it all in at the side (about 7cm on each side!), it pulls it all out of shape. So, we went with that on one of them...actually 7cm was far too much to take out, especially on a stripe fabric. So, I had to actually make 2 of those darts on each side at the back. I divided the amount between them.
The reason they had to be fisheye/double-ended darts is that, unlike your swimmer type, he also has built up gluteal muscles. So, he needed a good amount of the width of the shirt below the tucked in area.
So, he is off to some event in London for uni tomorrow and Sunday, and I should get some feedback after that.

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