Monday, 9 March 2015

Funny Sunny House

I showed you the start of this piece the other day.
Today I was able to get on with the stitching and finishing off.

Title of Work: 'Funny Sunny House'
Statement: Part of my Ramshackled Houses series. This piece explores how the colour of fabrics affect the mood: Bright and Cheerful.

As I said, the full size is 6inx8in. They will be matted, so the actual visual area is in the centre.
The next step is to print off the details and get it posted.

Well, I hope it does well at the Conference auction. At the very least, someone can hang it in their loo!

1 comment:

Maggi said...

It's lovely Sandy. So obviously connected to your ramshackle house series but with a completely different feel. And I will get to see it in person. I doubt I will be buying anything after having paid for the air fare, the hotel and the conference registration - avoiding my bank manager at the moment!