Tuesday, 10 March 2015

JQ 2015 - Cypress 3

I finally got back to the Cypress.
I needed to do the trunk. After I attached a bit more of the water soluble fabric so I could hold it in the hoop, I started stitching with 2 threads on top, initially going up and down. There was a rust coloured cotton thread in the bottom.

I was a bit confused when at first the threads looked like they were being couched down. This is a technique which you can intentionally do by playing with the tensions, but this was not intended.

As far as I could tell, the tensions were fine. Ahh but look...

Only one of the threads was going through the first thread guide - which does aid the tension. So, I decided to carry on with a layer of threads and build up the texture of the threads in stages.

After the threads were 'couched down'. I put that free thread back into the thread guide. One thing I was concerned about for this trunk was that it might fall apart when the soluble fabric was dissolved. So on one edge, I tried a subtle amount of zigging back and forth...still free machining on the straight stitch setting.

I thought it worked and didn't upset the look of a properly grown trunk. So I carried on. I was able to go over some of the grey areas of the thread so it didn't look striped. I was using another thread from Thread Studio, but it only has a number, not a name on it.
I 'scribbled' a bit overlapping the place where the trunk met the top part. I didn't want to have the two separate after all the effort of keeping them together.
And here is the completed trunk.

The next step is trimming and dissolving the soluble fabric.

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Maggi said...

That really does have a bark-like texture.