Saturday, 21 March 2015

Cedar of Lebanon - 1

The bad head is gone today! Phew.

Time for a new tree. I haven't decided backgrounds yet. Wait till I have a few and see what they look like.

Starting a Cedar of Lebanon.
The kind we mostly see here in the UK are big and sprawling old trees. But if they grow in a stand of trees, they grow straight and tall.
Which is why they were much sought after in trade with the country of Lebanon in the times of the Ancients. They were used for building houses, palaces, ships and are especially mentioned as being collected by King David of Israel to be used by his son Solomon when he became King to build the Temple in Jerusalem.
We have a book written by a forester about trees mentioned in the Bible and/or which grow in the Middle East. I am enjoying it for the forestry part (I never thought about a forester's viewpoint of ancient manuscripts!) as much as for the images of trees and what they have been used for.

So, here is the quick outline based on the trees in the photo.
It reminds me a bit of the Sequoias and Redwood Trees in the way the branches grow. We have a few Wellingtonia trees around here that look similar.

And here I have done the work on the trunk. Some areas are 'coloured in' outside the line into the branches part.
I will draw the branches over top those sections. It gives some depth. but is mainly functional so that when the water soluble fabric is dissolved, the tree doesn't come apart at the joining of the different sections.

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Maggi said...

Glad that the bad head is gone, so debilitating. interesting observations about the cedars of Lebanon.