Thursday, 8 May 2014

Embellished skirt - pleats done

I have been working on the skirt of this ensemble for Fashion Sans Frontieres.
I used the length of fabric I had left from the blouse and pleated it using box pleats to get the size for the waist which I wanted, not the whole waist. This will be the back and sides and the front will be filled in with other fabric.

I haven't a photo of the length of it, but it is a scoop hem which will be longer than the front...sometimes called a mullet or high/lo skirt. But this will be my own take on that.

And like the bodice, I have used the top stitching as a guide to embellish with beads.
The colour is difficult to get. I call it dark teal. Is it blue teal or green teal? Depends on the surroundings!

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