Friday, 9 May 2014

auditioning for the Wow factor

Auditions have been taking place in my studio...fabrics that is. That is what it is called when you are having a look at whether this fabric will work in a project or if that one will.

Initially these fabrics were in the running. the orange fabrics were ones I commissioned from Valeri at Farne Designs for my 50th birthday.
The synthetic brocade was soon edited out.

As you know, I chose the dark teal for the main fabric. I discovered I had taken a photo of the back of the skirt before I stitched the pleats.
This is where I was checking the look and the hang with the pleats I had folded. I think I made a couple changes after this, but similar.

and this week I have been auditioning for the Wow factor to use in the skirt.

3 oranges?

or 4 oranges
red/orange hand dyed waistband from the Farne Designs fabrics?

with red ginko leaves fabric waistband?

Okay lets go with 4 oranges after much sketching out of squares and triangles and sums and finally drawing it up full size on drafting paper so I could see what I was working with.

And the red hand dye? I think.

The camera still can't decide if it is dark teal blue or dark teal green.
It is actually somewhere in between.

More efforts on this behalf to come!
Still need to work out the waistband, how the front attaches to the back and the getting in and out of this skirt (But I actually have a zip which is the exact colour of the fabric!)

Ah, and even more exciting from that point? Further decoration to really make it stunning!

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Sarah Jacobs said...

I'm sort of in love with the the back view of the dress with just the one stripe of orange. That combination makes me sit up and take notice. To me it looks visually stronger than when you introduce all of the oranges. Introducing so many of the oranges lessens their impact.