Sunday, 4 May 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 27-30 April 1-3 May?

2014 - Week 18 Daily Beads

I showed the collection of the April beads the other day.

Here are the final ones individually.





I had hoped to show you the first of the May beads. However...

this month would be one of the 'alternative' beads on to something unique. I wanted to do paper clips. I could only find large ones. I did have enough large beads to try it threading them on. But for various reasons, including the fact that the large beads wouldn't go round the curves, I got several 'Not paperclip' shapes.

I also tried putting them on like the curtain rings for January. It just wasn't working - even with less beads. Even with covering the wire with crochet cotton.

So, I have actually done far more than 3 days of beads...more like a good portion of 2 days working out the design problems. I even went to town to try to find smaller paperclips. I found coloured ones...but the colour coating made them as thick as the large paper clips, and so the same problems.

SO, as it is the Bank Holiday weekend, I am going to leave the paper clips and work out a plan for something else this month. I have a list of ideas, I will just go for one of the others.

To be honest, having done these for 1 year and 4 months, this is the first time I have really struggled to develop the plan for that month. Not too bad.

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